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Saturday, April 9, 2011

I know nothing of Chloe, other than what has been told to me in the note, a note written to Chloe. It seems she has been to church recently. It could have been the church she regularly attends or, maybe, she visited a church for the first time, either in her life or, perhaps, it has been an extended period of time since her last visit to her regular or any church. In any event, I think from this note that she has gone and has gotten involved in a group at the church, a group that met on Saturday. Or, it could be that it was not about a group. She could simply have had a meeting with a minister, pastor or priest, depending on the church. She may be seeking spiritual or physical comfort, or both, due to recent or ongoing events in her life. Chloe has shared those events, very openly, with a man of the church. I know it is a man, I see it in the boldness of his signature. He signs to impress and show authority. It could be that she is merely interested in becoming more involved in church functions and groups, but I believe it is the former reason, that she is seeking advice or comfort, because of things in the note.

The man wrote “YOU” which leads me to believe that he wishes to bolster her confidence, emphasizing that she is important and should see herself as such, in the time of difficulty that she has revealed. He also describes her family as “beautiful” which I believe is his way of redirecting her current feelings about her family. He may or may not even know the family, but must try to truncate the ill that has set in. This also is a prompt for Chloe to consider that there are usually two or more parties in a conflict, that there are other points of view to be considered before there is resolution and that other parties are not always evil.

She likely feels confused and misunderstood, at home. The man tells me this through his words, “…remind you about what Jesus and your parents think about you..” He is attempting to bring clarity to her mind and the situation, letting her know that others see her perspective and, regardless of the current turmoil, they accept her as she is and respect her opinions. This statement also bestows upon the parents the perception of wisdom and compassion. Then, the verse he uses is designed to put her at ease, take away some of the feeling of guilt and anger she may harbor, place her as a dependent, a child, a precious reward. That, in time, will be what brings her and her family to wholeness, to a healthy restoration from the separation she now feels.  

The Saturday meeting may or may not have been of value to Chloe, depending on whether this note I found in a parking lot on Sunday, the day following the meeting, was lost, or discarded on purpose, but the man, with the last line, has offered her options for either spiritual or physical comfort. Since I found the note and have thought through all this, I realize I know nothing certain about Chloe. In fact, I know nothing more about her than I did before I found the note. I know nothing of Chloe, other than what has been told to me in the note, a note written to Chloe.

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