Steve Meador is the author of Throwing Percy from the Cherry Tree, a poetry book that was an entrant for a National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize in poetry. He is widely published in online and print journals. He has been a real estate broker since the early 1980s and currently lives and practices in the Tampa, FL, area.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spring Ride in the NE 1/4 of Section 6

A recent freeze left flaxen stacks
of waste and scrub. Our pasto verde
now a musky tan with limp stems
mushy under hoof. To the west
the Rockies and sky clash
 like Civil War armies,
retire daily under a bleeding sun.
To the east a white line,
picket fencing of the suburbanites.
They have no taste for untamed,
detest ranchland bland yet worship
the sameness of rough stucco boxes.
None know a bay from a palomino
or a pinto from an appaloosa,
but they brag how their wild horses
graze on gas and melt rubber hooves.
Few could find the North Star,
keep a fire burning all night
or find pleasure sleeping with rain.
To them I am the Marlboro man,
a stale smoke dangling from my lips
and a tip of a dusty hat. Once, their land
was mine. To me, they’re a roundup
of well-placed zeros on bank accounts.

First published in Tryst, October 2010
some cowboy poetry flavor

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