Steve Meador is the author of Throwing Percy from the Cherry Tree, a poetry book that was an entrant for a National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize in poetry. He is widely published in online and print journals. He has been a real estate broker since the early 1980s and currently lives and practices in the Tampa, FL, area.

Monday, November 8, 2010

I drive in my car nearly everyday, in my job as a real estate broker. I don't mind it. It gives me time to think, but more important it is a time when my mind pulls the trigger on mundane to crazy ideas, which I scribble down or record in my voice recorder. I never know, at the time, whether I will get a phrase, a paragraph or even a single word out of it. Often the scribblings, notes or recordings will be dormant for weeks or months, until I find a use. During a trip to West Virginia, I drove by an old barn and about a mile past I started having an idea. Corn was near harvest, the stalks high. It was WV, so moonshine came to mind. So, I turned around and drove back for some photos. Later that night, I came up with a few lines. I never know what will come out, humor, serious or a mixture. Mostly the pieces are not anything that will be accepted for publication, but it keeps my mind keen and alert.  Here is the pic and the scribbled words:

Through an elderberry thicket I watched several men carry load after load of corn and chopped wood into the old barn. I crept over a peeked between the slats; the inside was empty. A trap door flew open in the far corner and Calvin Birch crawled out with a small wooden crate.  He lugged it outside, set it near the path, then went back in and disappeared beneath the floor again. I hurried over and lifted the crate's lid, found 18 quarts of hooch and grabbed a couple for myself. This would create a headache for Calvin. There would be accusations, and maybe even violence against him. That was his problem.  I would have my own headache late Saturday morning when I woke up, taking on a bleaching by the sun, in the middle of Orry's corn field.

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