Steve Meador is the author of Throwing Percy from the Cherry Tree, a poetry book that was an entrant for a National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize in poetry. He is widely published in online and print journals. He has been a real estate broker since the early 1980s and currently lives and practices in the Tampa, FL, area.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Brown Anole Anolis sagrei

The Brown Anole

For several months
he has guarded our postal
bastion. At first, either darting
through a slot, to be buried
by the bills and take a happy
crap on the junk mail,
or, courage dismantled,
jumping to the nearby tree.
The gargoyle now remains on top,
even when I open and close the lid.
Tan to dark brown to a blotchy
in-between, depending on his views,
the quirky anole tests me
by doing his jerky pushups
and tilting his head slightly
to read my mood. I move, his eyes move,
I blink, he blinks - a macho Morse code.
Defiantly he hangs and flashes
his bright red dewlap. If I could only
trust him,
train him,
I would never have to raise the flag. 

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